Ayat Motors is an Indian electric bike manufacturing company that was set up with a basic to make a bike that can help people to build a better and pollution-free future.

We accept that our business isn't just about building an unwavering client base, yet additionally about building a superior, cleaner and greener future for the ages to come. As a driven player in India's developing E-bike showcase, we wish to be the benchmarks of reasonable eco-accommodating technology.

Ayat Motors Advantages.

  • You can call any time for your reservation as we have 24/7 service facility for you.
  • 24/7 Customer Online Support, We have a highly dedicated team who are willing to provide their services all the time,
  • 250+ Locations all over for your convenience

At the point when you ride the bicycle, it's about the adventure as much for what it's worth about the goal. Unequaled solace matched with firm building makes each ride experience for you, yet in addition to the spectators. The shocking designs and the Daylight Running lights include a dash of artfulness that is certain to make eyes turn. Control unbridled execution with the bit of your wrist, with a powerful 1000 watt yield motor that gives you 170 – 200 kilometers in a single charge. We're not simply pushing the performance of electric bikes – we're changing the game.