AYN Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

We are among the largest section of entrepreneurs / Real estate developers providing IT office space, Commercial space, Automobile Showroom Space, Industrial Shed on rent in Pune.

We have come a long way and now standing as one of the dominating Groups in the sector of Entrepreneurs/Real Estate Developers. We are known for our commitment and dedication we put in the amount of work, we believe in growing together thus making our clients happy and satisfied is our main priority.

An average person spends one-third of their life at work and we understand the importance of it, so we create flexible workspaces with modernizing services. When it comes to industries, the very first thing people talk about is useful spaces and facilities, and we as developers know exactly what to build so that it improves productivity.

Commercial spaces are for-profit and growth of any businesses, thus it's important that it should create a positive impact upon people's perception


Maximum industries or companies have to go with different processes until the product is reached to the customers. All the procedures required a certain flow in order to satisfy customer needs. The process of managing, manufacturing daily processing, production, procuring raw material, sales and management is not so easy.

Furthermore, powerless to deal with the issues may hamper the process of manufacturing.

Using manufacturing software is very easy and not much time -consuming. Once the product is reached to the customer, repair, cost of product, history, maintenance dates will be available with just a click.

  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Lessen the overall operational cost
  • Planned decision making
  • Respond to market conditions faster

Using the software for managing details is quite easy as compared to paper records. With our upcoming software, you can track the product’s current status, manage products all life cycles using online software, track defects and estimation for new products and expenses for the same.