Vehicle Tracking System

We will be providing software features like live Vehicle Tracking, Real-Time online status of load i.e. delivered or picked. Know your package delivering source in one shot. Our software solutions have reduced the gaps by offering a better solution where the sender and receiver will receive the load without any hassles.

Intelligence Real-Time updates on loading and unloading status with exact location and time.

Integration The software can reduce data entry mistakes and speed up transportation reporting.

Reporting You will come to know the accurate time of loading and delivering the products report in minutes instead of hours.

When it comes to transportation, it means the physical distribution of goods from one place to another. The finished goods and raw materials are transferred through Airways, Railways, Sea routes, etc. In order to save time, efforts and money, new programs have been created by our pool of talented minds team.

Installation of management software assists you in reducing costs and speed up the transportation process. The software has mainly four key processes of transportation consisting of decision & planning making, transport follow-up, transport execution. With our software, you will get detailed info on real-time vehicle maintenance and fuel accountancy.