We started world team 11 with an idea where you get rewarded for your gaming knowledge and skills world team 11 is a fantasy sports platform where we have fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi and so more.

People can compete here and win big cash prizes with their understanding of the game.

Every day we have thousands of users who are playing these fantasy leagues, its simple to understand and provide a lot more entertainment to the audience. We have a dedicated team working each day so that a user can have a much better experience and they can enjoy these sports.

Fantasy sports are not considered as "unlawful betting" by the Indian government. Supposedly, they're not viewed as illicit anyplace else either.

The fantasy sports India market is relied upon to reach $5 billion in the following two years. Before the part of the arrangement, business is required to have around 100 million clients. Well, known fantasy sports games in India are cricket, football, b-ball, hockey, kabaddi, and badminton. Fantasy industry guidelines in India are managed by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, as there are no set government guidelines.